Stanmore Duplex

The project is located in an inner city suburb with historic significance. By adhering to the heritage requirements, whilst acknowledging the urban grain, the front elevation follows the rhythm of the street. The two-story semi-detached dwelling is consistent with the existing character of the area and positively takes on the form of a traditional terrace-style building. The proposal complements to the row of existing two storey terraces on Stanmore Road and surrounding area.

The Stanmore Duplex project has been designed to preserve and enhance the existing character of the streetscape. The massing emerges as a contemporary response to its context, using an abstraction of the adjoining Victorian terraces, it becomes a reinterpretation of key architectural elements within the urban grain. The reductive approach was applied to create a modern architectural statement within this established residential area.

Although the building is narrow, light and air circulation was not compromised. The interior spaces also took advantage of the longitudinal slope of the site via a stepped-down floor plate following the natural contours of the land, and in the process optimized foundation costs.
The Stanmore Duplex is a remarkably efficient space. The kitchen, dining room and living room all open onto one another and onto the backyard via a large sliding glazed door. The living spaces occupy the back portion of the ground floor, which is raised by a few steps from the garden, and offers a direct link to a large deck with a plunge pool. Although it's narrow, these units still manage to capture plenty of natural light, air circulation, and views of nature without compromising liveability.