Rozelle House

Alterations and additions to an existing single storey dwelling

The Rozelle House is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of an existing house, located on the Rozelle, NSW.


The existing dwelling is a contributory weatherboard clad building to the HCA. The main building form has a hipped roof over the two front rooms and skillion roof over the rear addition. The front verandah has a skillion roof.


The proposed development includes the demolition of the rear rooms, rear wall, W.C., storage and deck. A rear addition is proposed with a new open plan living, dining and kitchen area. The addition will have a skillion roof that will join the existing skillion, with box getter in between.


Although the existing building is not a remarkable architectural example and with construction quality, contributes to the cohesion of the urban image of the set to which it belongs, so the maintenance of facades allow the continuity of the dialogue between the building and the context in which it operates.


The width limitations of these old constructions invite the dwelling to extend its boundaries to the rear courtyard. With this, a generous area is provided, setting the living room through one contiguous space.  A skin of wooden cladding characterize the extension façade and set different layers of shade. creating an open-plan space leading from the shared entrance hallway through to a new glazed door that frames a view of Sydney CBD.