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How to add value to your property

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Three alteration and addition (renovation and extension) case studies in Inner West, former Leichhardt council area:

Rear House Extension:

Evans Street ROZELLE NSW 2039

Design by SN Architects

The Rozelle House is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of an existing house, located on the Rozelle, NSW.

The existing dwelling is a contributory weatherboard clad building to the HCA. The main building form has a hipped roof over the two front rooms and skillion roof over the rear addition. The front verandah has a skillion roof.

The proposed development includes the demolition of the rear rooms, storage and deck. A rear addition is proposed with a new open plan living, dining and kitchen area. The addition will have a skillion roof that will join the existing skillion, with box getter in between.

Although the existing building is not a remarkable architectural example and with construction quality, contributes to the cohesion of the urban image of the set to which it belongs, so the maintenance of facades allow the continuity of the dialogue between the building and the context in which it operates.

The width limitations of these old constructions invite the dwelling to extend its boundaries to the rear courtyard. With this, a generous area is provided, setting the living room through one contiguous space. A skin of wooden cladding characterize the extension façade and set different layers of shade. creating an open-plan space leading from the shared entrance hallway through to a new glazed door that frames a view of Sydney CBD.

The proposal in detail comprises as follows:

· Demolish a number of internal walls. Demolish the rear external wall and the rear deck and existing outbuildings;

· Construct a new rear addition and rear deck comprising of: -

o Create an open plan kitchen diner and living space opening out on to the rear deck.

· Internal alterations to the remainder of the existing dwelling to include:

o A new bathroom; and

o A new master bedroom with an associated walk-in robe and ensuite.

For further information please click on the link bellow to Inner West council website:


First Floor Addition:


Building a Granny Flat in the Backyard:

Grove Street LILYFIELD NSW 2040

Design by SN Architects

The site is located within an established low-density residential precinct of Lilyfield NSW, which is predominantly characterised by single and two-storey dwellings and studio apartments.

The alterations and additions to the dwelling will create a quality development, which will be a contributory feature of the streetscape. The additional floor space will provide for the needs of the residents given the small scale nature of the existing dwelling.

The addition enhanced the living environment and the development has been designed to effectively integrate with the built form in the street.

The design maintains and enhances the frontage of the property and the inclusion of a secondary dwelling adds to the diversity of housing stock in the precinct.

The proposal in detail comprises as follows:

The upper-level addition is modest in scale and includes a high level of architectural treatment to achieve proportion and 'fit' between levels.

· Construct an upper-level addition comprising of:

o A master bedroom with a walk-in robe and ensuite; and

o Construct an internal staircase accessing lower level;

· Add a second level to the existing rear Garage/storage room and create a two storey secondary dwelling comprising of:

o A living room and kitchenette on the ground floor;

o A external bin store;

o An upper level bedroom and ensuite with internal staircase accessing the lower level.

For further information please click on the link bellow to Inner West council website:


Building a Studio Above the Garage:


Design by SN Architects

The Lane is located to the rear of the subject property. It is characterised by timber paling and masonry fences and roller doors providing access to car parking spaces. The character is predominantly single storey. There are 2 storey loft structures above the garages to the west along the Lane. These contain a dormer window to the laneway and a flat roof behind.

The Leichhardt DCP identifies that the site is located within the Nanny Goat Hill Distinctive Neighbourhood. The DCP cites this particular includes a variety of architectural styles including Victorian, Federation, Inter-War and Post-War dwelling forms. Most subdivision and development occurred in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The proposal includes a new single garage and studio at rear of site and associated works, including the removal of a tree.

The First floor studio incorporates a WC and separate shower. A dormer window is proposed to the Lane frontage. A skylight provide enhanced natural light to the studio. The use of the studio is ancillary to the existing dwelling and is not a separate domicile.

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