Lilyfield Cottage

Construct an upper level addition to an existing single storey dwelling and Add a second level over the existing garage for use as a Secondary Dwelling - Two Storey

The site is located within an established low density residential precinct of Lilyfield NSW, which is predominantly characterised by single and two storey dwellings and studio apartments.

There is no defining architectural style in the immediate locality. Dwelling types include older style brick and tile dwellings interspersed with some timber clad dwellings; and contemporary two storey dwellings.

The alterations and additions to the dwelling and garage structure will create a quality development, which will be a contributory feature of the streetscape. The additional floor space will provide for the needs of the residents given the small scale nature of the existing dwelling.

The addition enhanced the living environment and the development has been designed to effectively integrate with the built form in the street.

The design maintains and enhances the frontage of the property and the inclusion of a secondary dwelling adds to the diversity of housing stock in the precinct.

The upper level addition is modest in scale and includes a high level of architectural treatment to achieve proportion and 'fit' between levels.

The project in detail comprises as follows:

Construct an upper level addition and add a second level to the existing rear Garage/storage room and create a two storey secondary dwelling.